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Accept takeout orders with your own mobile apps tonight.

What we do.

We'll make iPhone and Android apps for your restaurant. They'll be top-notch, native experiences, customized to your brand.

We'll send orders by phone, or text. Or fax, or email. Or we print directly on your existing printer. We can even integrate with some POS systems.

All revenue goes directly to your bank account. We don't keep a cut of your sales revenue. You'll only pay a monthly software license fee, and you can cancel at any time.

Getting there just takes a couple clicks. Literally. Upload your menu, and immediately take orders. Or, let our concierge service handle everything.

Why we do it.

In five years half of all sales at quick-service chains will be placed digitally before the customer ever steps on the premises.

We believe that restaurants should not become dependant on a handful of food ordering platforms, siphoning off a big chunk of revenue.

More than that, we think that mobile ordering provides an opportunity; to forge a relationship with your most loyal customers.

Where we try to answer your questions.

Handling orders. When an order comes in, we can notify you in any way you prefer. We support text message, fax, email, automated calls, POS systems, or direct-to-printer. If you can, we recommend you use our web application to manage orders.

Getting Paid. Customers pay when they order. We support credit cards, Apple & Android Pay. If you prefer, you can also accept orders that have not been prepaid. We work with a third party processor to handle payments for you, but we may also be able to integrate your with your existing processor.

Advertisment. We help you promote your app to your customers. We offer promotional material and a lot of advice.

Look of the app. Your app will carry your branding, including logo and colors. More than that, you can customize the user experience to make it unique to your brand.

Time to App Store. Your webapp will be available immediately. Your Android app will take no more than 24h. iOS app always need to be reviewed by Apple first. Expect that this can anywhere from a day to a week. After that, any changes you want go online right away.

We manage the app stores for you, including publishing new versions. If you prefer to publish under your own account, this is possible.

Delivery. We currently support take-away ordering only. Support for delivery orders will be available later in 2017.

Website-ordering. Our app also works on the web, without installation. We recommend that you link to it from your existing website.

Any other question? Whatever you need, we are happy to help, and quick to respond. Send us a message.

We are looking for beta partners.

We are currently searching for partner restaraunts who are interested in trying our software and provding feedback.

No matter if you are a small, privately owned take-way joint, or a franchise with multiple branches, whether you're located in California or in Cape Town, we'd like to chance to prove to you that our mobile apps will improve your business.

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